6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Having a good, unique and content filled website is always a good marketing decision. As a business, you need a website because your market demands it. Your customers routinely use the internet as an information gateway to find the products and services they’re looking for. Other important reasons include the opportunity to deliver information, products and services to a larger market than your local area so you can compete more effectively.

Regardless of the size of a website, if you build it they will come, right? They will – if you focus on the important aspects of a site and promote it well. Knowing why your business needs a site is a great start. Here are 6 reasons to get the ball rolling.

1. Your website is a showcase

Your web site is your biggest promotion piece. It’s a one-stop showcase of your work, your services and your products that can be found all in one place. By adding a services page, a FAQ page, a product page and a business description you’ll be helping your audience find the information they are looking for fast.

2. Your website promotes your expertise

Having a website can help promote you as an expert in your field. If you put on public speaking tours, podcasts, seminars or write about your industry, you definitely should add this valuable industry information on your website to help build your community.

3. Your website keeps your customers informed

Keep your audience “in the know” by adding a news section to your website and posting upcoming events, sales or promotions you will be having. You can then advertise this information to all your social media sites to promote more traffic to your website.

4. Websites are user friendly

The majority of us use the internet to look for information at all hours of the day. Having a website means you can provide your regular and potential customers with information 24/7/365. Help keep your customers informed with a handy map, a contact page and social media links to encourage more interaction. Your physical location might be closed for the night but your site is still promoting you. Another way to keep it user friendly is by making sure your website has a responsive design. It’s important that your site is easy to navigate and performs the same way on laptops, iPads and smart phones.

5. Websites can expand your market

Its good to promote to your local community but why stop there? Having a website allows you to expand the perimeters of your business. It helps turn your customers into business advocates that help strengthen your community.

6. Websites save you time and money

In today’s busy and competitive marketplace, you cannot afford not to have a website. Once you get a website, making changes to your site is more cost affective than constant printing of brochures or sales flyers. You can take your online promotion even farther by adding an online catalog of products and services and a newsletter. All of this will help you reach a wider market than any ad or a brochure ever could.

To sum up, making a big impact online doesn’t mean you have to have a big budget. It’s all about being relevant, consistent and being accessible online. That’s what makes a successful website!