5 Reasons Why You Need a Logo

A logo may not be on the top of your to-do list but it should be. We believe having a logo is an essential design element that helps your brand be a successful one. It is right up there with having high-quality products, positive referrals, great images and a professional web presence. Think of your … Read more

New Year, New Approach

It’s 2023. Will this year be any different?  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves after we ring in the new year. We make resolutions and then we quickly forget about them. I once read that resolutions are casual promises we make to ourselves that we are under no legal obligation to fulfill. No … Read more

Four Ways Small Business Can Survive Inflation

man with balloons with dollar signs on them in front of a graph trending upwards representing inflation

Inflation in Canada is on the rise. It is the highest it has been in four decades. The past 2 1/2  years have been daunting from Covid, the Ukrainian crisis, and now a low employment rate. Canadian small businesses remain strong despite the upcoming challenges with Christmas around the corner.  There are strategies you can … Read more

What is a value proposition?

You work very hard to improve your company’s products and services daily. Wouldn’t it be nice if all your hard work  “clicked” with the right target audience?  Quite simply, a value proposition is a statement that summarizes why your target audience should choose your business. All of this serves as a bridge between what your … Read more

Get Back to Basics in 2022

mature woman drinking hot coffee in the kitchen

Are you ready for 2022? If you said no, you are not alone. We don’t know what to expect from the ongoing roller coaster ride we’ve been on since 2020. One thing is certain- we are ready to step off.  Since 2020 we have had to redesign how we do things both in life and with … Read more

Five Tips for Your 2022 Business Strategy

co-workers at strategy meeting

There is no simple answer to what lies ahead in 2022, however, that does not mean you cannot work on a new strategy. Since Covid keeps rewriting the rules on how we live and do business we need to have a plan. Your business strategy needs to respond to current trends, social media, marketing, and … Read more