How to build the perfect post

You already know how important it is to have a consistent social media presence.  Now we want to express the importance of creating posts with a purpose. Marketing on purpose keeps things genuine, truthful, and helpful while helping you build an audience.  When setting up social media posts, keep these 6 marketing steps in mind:  1. … Read more

Marketing with Memes

Adding memes to your online marketing strategy is a great way to shake things up. They are everywhere online. Memes are easily digestible and offer a funny, sometimes biting, and entertaining take on the human experience. It’s a very easy marketing trend that many use.  But seriously, who doesn’t like a good meme? Social media … Read more

Branding in today’s distracted world

Marketing today is a big job in a very busy connected world. We are plugged in 24/7 but we can only absorb so much information. In reality, our attention spans are quite small. If you mix that with too many distractions, you have a big marketing challenge in front of you. Attention economics is a … Read more

What should you write about on your blog

When you consider adding a blog to your business, it’s important to think about what your audience will be interested in reading about. Persistence is key with blogging so it’s good to have a plan. It’s also important to tap into what you’re passionate about but don’t be afraid to add topics that are different … Read more

Business blogging: what should you blog about?

What to blog about

There’s no doubt that having a blog is beneficial to any business. A blog is a fantastic place to find new customers by offering them useful information, tips, product and service articles. It shows customers why they should do business with you and not your competitors. However, once you have made the decision to start a … Read more