What is a value proposition?

You work very hard to improve your company’s products and services daily. Wouldn’t it be nice if all your hard work  “clicked” with the right target audience?  Quite simply, a value proposition is a statement that summarizes why your target audience should choose your business. All of this serves as a bridge between what your … Read more

Reasons to update your website

I’m going to start off by channeling Marie Kondo here: Does your website bring you joy?  Does the spring cleaning bug have you in its grasp?   Having your website redesigned can feel like a huge challenge, but remember you are not starting from scratch. In the grand scheme of all things design related, you … Read more

A website design checklist to ask yourself

In today’s big busy mobile world, your website is no longer just an eye-catching design. Your website needs to be a functional marketing tool that adapts to new technologies with well-written content. Your business website is never finished: there are regular updates, SEO, updating content, adding articles, new products, new services, optimized for all devices … Read more

Branding in today’s distracted world

Marketing today is a big job in a very busy connected world. We are plugged in 24/7 but we can only absorb so much information. In reality, our attention spans are quite small. If you mix that with too many distractions, you have a big marketing challenge in front of you. Attention economics is a … Read more

How to tell if your website is mobile-friendly

It has become virtually impossible to shy away from having an online presence in order to promote your business and connect with customers. Furthermore, an increasing number of individuals are using smartphones worldwide for communicating, learning, and purchasing.  To operate online, your team needs to have a killer mobile site to convert smartphone browsers into … Read more