A website design checklist to ask yourself

In today’s big busy mobile world, your website is no longer just an eye-catching design. Your website needs to be a functional marketing tool that adapts to new technologies with well-written content. Your business website is never finished: there are regular updates, SEO, updating content, adding articles, new products, new services, optimized for all devices … Read more

How to Use Instagram Like a Pro!

Instagram is hardly a new app, but some of the new features help you go beyond just posting the usual pictures and videos. Many are using this app for business and branding purposes too. Since Instagram is continuously adding new features, it is becoming the go-to app for over 400 million users. Here are some … Read more

Branding in today’s distracted world

Marketing today is a big job in a very busy connected world. We are plugged in 24/7 but we can only absorb so much information. In reality, our attention spans are quite small. If you mix that with too many distractions, you have a big marketing challenge in front of you. Attention economics is a … Read more

The importance of colour in branding

“Colour is a creative element, not a trimming.” – Piet Zwart Pick a colour but not just any colour for your marketing. Colours definitely play an important conscious and unconscious role in purchasing decisions. Certain colours have a huge psychological impact on people’s behavior, emotions and buying choices. Designers and marketers know the importance that colours … Read more