Illustrators: Why You Should Hire an Illustrator for Your Next Project

Hire an Illustrator for your next projectIf you are looking to add new original imagery to your marketing materials then why not consider hiring an illustrator? Here are a few great reasons why you should:  

It adds new life to your projects

Traditionally most business promotion is accompanied with a lot of text and photographs. If you really want your marketing to stand out then hire an illustrator to create one-of-a-kind images that will compliment and push your message further. 

Illustrators can act as creative consultants

Because illustrators are always creating and stockpiling ideas, they know how to layout images for their client’s projects. Take time to bat some ideas around and they may be able to shed new light on projects and help you solve your creative questions. 

It costs less than you think

Illustrators are typically a work-at-home industry which means they have low overhead. When you hire an illustrator you are paying for the time and work that goes into a project. Most illustrators charge by the job and not hourly which is broken down in the project layout and project contract. Typically additional charges apply only if additional projects are needed or if many revisions are required. 

Hiring an illustrator can inject creativity to your business’s team

Having trouble coming up with new ideas from your team? Get an illustrator to sit in during one of your meetings (either in person or with Skype). Sometimes a different point of view and an illustrator’s experience may be what your team needs. 

Original images are better for your business’s image

Buying stock images may seem like a good idea in the beginning, however, you do run into the problem that many of them have been used by other businesses – including your competition.  Also factor in how long it takes you to search for a stock image that conveys the right vision for your business or brand. Instead, get the exact image you need from an illustrator. When it to comes to stock imagery, you really need to weigh the pros and cons and make sure you are protecting the best possible image for your company.  

They can help build your brand

Illustrators know all about branding because they continuously work on theirs. As they say, image is everything! Their illustration style and marketing efforts are their brand so they know how important it is for your business too. They know if an image looks good in their portfolio then it will look good for your business too. 

Illustration can highlight your written articles, newsletters, and social media posts

A great illustration to start off an article or newsletter can really set the right tone to entice viewers to read further. These images can also accompany posts online to gain even more attention. Too often we grab memes or any old image online that is used frequently and often these messages are ignored due to overuse. Also – these images are owned by the creator so we could be infringing on copyright – another situation you want to avoid for your company. 

Illustrators are flexible

Freelancers do not always work 9-5. They set their own hours – which means if you have a tight deadline, they can usually work with it. They can do this because they are their own bosses and this flexibility is good for business!