New Facebook Page: 5 Off-Facebook Fan Attraction Tips

NeedLikes-smYou have done it! You took the leap and put your business on Facebook. But now you are looking at the social media page and wondering: Now what?

No matter what your Social Marketing goal, you need people to see your Facebook page.  So now it is time to let your customers know about your Facebook page and attract new fans to it.

Here are a few off-Facebook fan attraction tips to get you started:

Make sure your business website is connected to Facebook

This step is fairly easy. Add a Facebook badge or just the logo with a link to your Facebook page on your website. That way, when people visit your site, they can find your Facebook page as well.

Make an email or newsletter announcement

If you have an existing mailing list, do not forget to send out an email announcing that your business is now on Facebook. Tell people a little about what they can expect to see on your Facebook page (ie. tips, contests, information on products, etc). Once the announcement is out, make sure to add a link in your newsletter template to your Facebook page for later reference.

Include your Facebook URL on your business materials

Make sure to include your Facebook page’s URL on all printed materials for your business: business cards, stationary, invoices, receipts, brochures, newspaper or magazine ads, car graphics – anything advertising your business. This tip works best if you already have your vanity URL for your Facebook page because it is shorter and more professional looking.

Display Counter or Window Signage

Also, after you have your vanity URL, display a sign at your place of business to draw fans to your page. Offer a discount coupon if they “Check In” on their mobile phone while they are checking out at your place of business to draw fans even faster.

Add your Facebook page URL to your e-signatures

Make sure to update your business email signature with your new Facebook business page url. You send a lot of emails in a day, so make sure they see it each time you email. Also, if you participate on forums, make sure to add your new URL to your forum signature as well. Not enough room? Alternate it with your other URL upon occasion, in most forums, each time you change your signature it updates across the entire forum (don’t miss out on this great advertising opportunity, as long as you follow the forum’s rules).

These are just a few ideas to get you going. Get creative. If your retail team wears buttons, put it on a button, or t-shirt, or anything that makes sense to your business.

If you did get creative, feel free to share what you did to get the word out about your Facebook page below in the comments.