How social media impacts SEO

seo-socialmedia-300SEO and social media are like good friends because where there’s one, you’ll find the other. Because of this buddy system, it affects the information you look for and the content you share. Search engines take all this into account when indexing content across the web. The social media we engage in gives marketing professionals many ways to put their businesses front and center on search engine results pages.

Here’s how it helps you and your business: 

1. Social Media drives traffic to your webpages: 

Social media is a proven way to amplify your content distribution to cover a wider audience. When you engage on a regular basis with prospective clients, this helps your brand stand out from the rest. When your posts are linked to your website, this helps drive traffic to your page which, in turn, increases your search rank. 

2. Social Media boosts your website’s ranking: 

If you want to be part of the popular crowd it helps that all pertinent social media profiles are active and are consistently engaging with your audience. What’s most important is to target the platforms that speak most to your prospective customers. Social media gives you the opportunity to understand which type of content is more or less engaging so you can adjust your content strategy regularly.  Also, promote all your blog content on your social media pages and make sure to remove all bad links while replacing them with better links. Having your website mobile friendly is a huge perk but also check to see if your pages are loading quickly and correctly to ensure the best ranking.

3. Social Media helps boost your brand: 

Get the word out about your business on your social media. Facebook has over 1.65 billion monthly active users and Twitter has over 317 million monthly active users so it is imperative that you post here regularly to get the word out about your business. These big numbers go to show how important social media has become for generating brand awareness. 

4. Social connections and followers:

We all know social media can take up a lot of time so make sure to create a posting schedule that makes the most of the time you have.  Focus on the needs of your ideal customer and cater to them. The more useful information you share with them, the more credibility it will give you. By continually posting great information you will make better quality connections and followers. The end result will lead to the type of followers you want because they will be the ones who will support what you do and what you post by sharing your posts and spreading the word about your business.

5. Social Media reinforces your relevant keywords: 

Use that list of relevant keywords you want your business to be found online for in your social media posts. There’s power in descriptive words so make sure you use them regularly. 

6. Social Media helps with local searches: 

Ensure the geographic information for your business is included on – and matches across – all social media platforms and websites. Differences in an address, phone number or other information could lead to a lower search engine results page (SERP) ranking. Geography plays a major role in online user experience and search engines pay close attention to this. Social websites such as Yelp make it simple for businesses to boost local business. Sites like this offer an opportunity for customers to discuss local businesses. The more people review and engage with your business online, the more likely it is search engines will take notice and incorporate you into local SERPs.

7. Allows those personal touches to get noticed: 

Don’t forget to really be yourself online and share what you love. Other personal touches can be your customer testimonials and how thankful you are. If you complete a business goal, you can take that opportunity to share a promotion or a customer appreciation coupon that will help you get even more followers. Share your love for your business and your audience will too.