Why Use a Boutique Marketing Agency?

How can a boutique marketing agency help your business?Many people equate the word boutique with a tiny fashion shop selling designer clothing. However, a boutique is actually defined as a company that provides a niche or specialty. This kind of agency is usually smaller than its competition and provides more customized personal services at a price that is more budget friendly than their larger counterparts.

A couple of decades ago, no one would have thought smartphones would be in just about everyone’s hands. However, this is what most consumers currently use to learn more about a particular service or product. As such, your business must use innovative approaches when advertising to these tech-savvy consumers (utilizing state of the art strategies, including pay-per-click ads, social media, and SEO campaigns) if you want your products and services to be seen.

Because every brand is different, each marketing campaign must by unique. This can be a daunting task, as consumers are overwhelmed with information and advertisements anywhere they look. A boutique marketing firm endeavors to make your brand stand out using personalized, creative marketing options.

A Boutique Marketing Agency is The Ideal Size

You might believe that using a larger marketing agency is better because they have more resources; however, the fact of the matter is, larger agencies often lack the ability to adapt quickly to new information and projects can drag.  When an issue comes up, you might not know who contact since there are many people involved in the campaign’s development. Furthermore, obtaining a solution for a concern or question may take more time when working with a big firm, as they are handling several clients simultaneously and your project has to wait it’s turn. The number of accounts managed by a larger agency can result in postponements, which should be a red flag to any company owner.

On the other hand, boutique firms are renowned for their fast turnaround. When fewer people are assigned to a campaign, you will knows who to contact with questions and concerns. Campaigns generally take less time to produce since there aren’t as many people working on any one project and less coordination time is required. Campaign approvals are simpler to obtain as well, and campaigns can be hastily modified if it isn’t producing the intended outcome.

With a boutique firm, you have greater control over the services utilized. With a big business, you are more often required to select a prearranged marketing service package. This often results in you having to choose bundled services that you  don’t actually require or compromising on ideas to save a few dollars. This isn’t a problem when a boutique marketing agency is used because they provide more adaptability in the services offered. 

Targeted Campaigns

Big businesses work with an assortment of clients. As such, they generally have minimal skills marketing a specific kind of company, and since they use more generic approaches, SEO, and local marketing may be troublesome. For most businesses, though, the target market is within a designated area. Boutique marketing firms have been known to provide a stronger ROI in such scenarios, as we understand the demographics better and have greater local connections. In addition, big firms usually are hesitant to try new approaches and stick to more conventional marketing methods. This isn’t a problem with smaller agencies since we are renowned for innovative thinking. Such ingenuity can be of significant use when trying to get a customer’s attention in the digital age.

Proven Cost Savings When Using a Boutique Firm

Low overhead is a big benefit of boutique firms. Large agencies must have an efficient team on hand to serve the requirements of each client, and therefore have to offer benefits to keep staff on hand. Rent is usually costly, as large offices are needed to accommodate the employee volume, which of course leads to pricey utility bills. Such problems aren’t an issue when you opt to use a boutique firm instead.

Staff members in a boutique firm usually work remotely. For businesses that do utilize office space, the rent generally usually lower as less space is required. Most clients are shocked to learn they are talking to the person in charge of the business when they contact a boutique agency, as these businesses typically don’t have as many administrative employees a large agency does. Any attainable savings is reflective of the lower costs you pay.

Large Agencies Aren’t All Bad

Some companies might prosper from using a larger marketing agency. Clients who want to use radio and television advertisements, billboards or magazine spreads might be better suited in the hands of a bigger firm. However, if you intend to concentrate on using innovative marketing strategies, such as SEO, social media, search engine optimization, or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), consider utilizing a boutique firm. Successful marketing consists of understanding the target market, what these people want, and knowing what Google is seeking out. It’s vital to select a marketing firm that is very familiar with the latest strategies in the industry.

Call or email us to understand how a small boutique marketing company can assist your business. Don’t assume a small marketing firm won’t be able to provide your business with any value. We provide choices that were once not even an option in the world of marketing and might be just what you need to advance your business.