Why Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process

SEO-process-300SEO (Search engine optimization) is a continual process that is never a one-time event. It’s your silent online partner that you need to hang out with often. SEO is a forever evolving process because the market, the competition, and search engines are constantly changing over time.

If you are in business, you must embrace these continual changes. Think of it as a refinement or a transition so you can stay innovative with your business.There are 4 very good reasons to constantly work on your SEO. 

1. The Market Is Constantly Changing

It’s hard to predict what will come next when it comes to technology, marketing trends and way we will communicate in business. The language we use online will always change and the market will always evolve. The language we use on websites has to keep up with market demands and reflect the language being used by your chosen market, your competitors, prospects and customers.

2. The Competition Changes

The competition will change, transform and it will also come and go. The strategies they use to attract and retain customer’s attention will vary from day-to-day. Your use of SEO will help you monitor and keep up with that competition. In an ideal situation, you will want to stay informed about market changes, stay up to date and we definitely want to be be ahead the race. By staying fresh and making sure you are on top of the changes will help you stay innovative and very informed. 

3. Search Engine Rules Change

It’s been reported that Google makes changes to their core algorithms at least once a day. That means it changes a lot in a run of a year. It’s hard not to feel left behind even if you take time off from working on your Search Engine Optimization even for a day!

So why do they change so much? In a nut shell, it’s because Google is a publicly traded company. Google pays engineers to continuously fine tune their ranking algorithms to ensure customers continue to get the best results possible. Their shareholders will then recieve a good return on investment. 

Now it all makes sense why SEO is a process. What worked today will not necessarily work tomorrow and so on and so on. 

4. You will want to change

We are in a constant state of learning when we grow our business. Our education never stops because we are information sponges and it’s natural that we reinvent ourselves. All this change and buisness homework will eventually change our business. The original vision you may have had for your company in the beginning will change over time. 

What does this mean for you?

If you want to rank closer to the top in search engine results, you will have to make SEO a daily habit. Right now its an ongoing business requirement just like any other form of business like marketing and advertising. Think of it as an investment that you are making for the long haul that can only move your business ahead. It’s a slow process in the beginning and requires a constant effort. Sadly, there is no half way. Generally, SEO can take 2-4 months before you even begin to see any results. If you understand the commitment it will take then you can adjust your expectations as you go along.

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