10 Tips To Create An Effective Email Signature

10 Tips To Create An Effective Email SignatureLeaving a lasting impression can be difficult in today’s busy social networking world. Having an email signature is essential however it does not come without it’s own set of challenges: you want to provide the right information to your readers without having a long and cluttered sign off at the bottom of your email messages. Not having a professional looking signature can hurt your business reputation and not having one at all means you could be missing out on future business.

It is best to keep your email signature informative and easy to digest. A strong email signature should be attention-getting without being flashy or full of advertising, however, if you are too subtle, you run the risk of creating something so bland that it will be ignored.

Try these tips:

1. Keep it simple

Think of your signature as a business card. It should provide a quick area of information at the bottom of your emails. Start with 4 to 5 lines. Add your title or service, company name and phone number. 

2. Condense your information

You can squeeze in a lot of information using colons (:), dashes (-), points (•) or pipes (|).

3. Include a logo or small image

If your brand or company has a logo add it to your signature. Make sure it’s not so small that it’s not recognizable and don’t be afraid of colour. 

4. Add relevant links

Add your website URL to your email signature – at the minimum. And if you are on social media, add links to your twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest pages. It’s important that you make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you online.

5. Check your spelling

Always make sure any information posted is spelled correctly. Nothing kills credibility more than typos or missing words. 

6. Avoid adding your mailing address

There is no need to add your home address. Mailing addresses are best left on your web page or provided upon request. 

7. Add a quote, slogan or a call to action at the bottom of your signature 

If your company has a business slogan then add that to your signature. If not, add a friendly quote that is motivating and inspiring. A call to action could include a free consultation, a newsletter to join, or an e-book to download. 

8. Avoid adding a legal disclaimer

There is no need to add a legal disclaimer unless you are a huge corporation that employs many people. You want to keep a friendly and approachable feel to your signature.  

9. Avoid including a virus-checked message at the bottom of every email

It’s important to keep your computers free of viruses but you do not need to add that to the bottom of your emails. It advertises an element of distrust to your viewers. 

10. Make sure your signature is mobile friendly 

Test your email signatures on all your devices to make sure they are consistent and that displays as expected. You do not want surprises!

An additional tip –  always test your email with coworkers or friends to make sure everything looks right. This valuable feedback can give you added peace of mind that your email is looking both professional and friendly.