How to create a great social media video

If you are looking to change up your social media this year, why not consider a video? It’s been proven that great videos drive social media engagement now more than just posts and pictures. But there many things to consider to create a visual success. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Write a script

It helps to pick a topic or a theme to help you focus on what you want to discuss without rambling on or talking too long. You can create a series or schedule videos that you can advertise in advance to increase viewership. Having a topic will make the process so much easier that just winging it and being spontaneous. This will save you time and a lot of editing.  

2. Reuse your content but in a video

Don’t be afraid to use content you’ve written about for a newsletter or a blog to present in your video. This is a great idea especially in the beginning to get it all rolling. Since you are already familiar with your own content, talking about it will be easy. You are just presenting old content in a new way. 

3. Check your lighting

Natural lighting is best when it comes to photos and videos. If you cannot use natural lighting, try a photo lightbox or umbrella. This will keep an even light without all the harsh shadows. 

4. Check your expressions 

Seeing ourselves on video can be met with a lot of self criticism. If you are not used to being photographed or do not feel completely comfortable in front of the camera, then try practicing in front of the mirror. From there, create a few mini test videos to see the best angles, the best lighting, sound and your facial expressions. It’s not easy to act naturally in front of the camera nor is it easy being in the spotlight. Practice and create regular videos and eventually it will come naturally for you. 

5. Set up your setup

Decide what format you want: portrait, square or fullscreen. Depending on the equipment you use will alter the quality of video and the quality of sound. If its possible use a computer video camera designed for streaming and a good quality microphone. 

6. Don’t forget to add visuals to create continuity

Often video streamers will stick with certain settings like an office or outdoors to create visual continuity. Familiarity creates continuity. Don’t be afraid to add branding elements or products depending on what you stream about. 

7. Pick a length that is comfortable for you

A good rule of thumb is to keep it short and sweet in the beginning. Always make sure it is a comfortable length of time for you to talk and a time frame that does not go beyond what your audience can commit to. You’d be surprised how much information you can pack into a 15 to 20-minute video. 

8. Add music or other effects

Many video streamers add intro music to their visuals that creates familiarity. There are many royalty free music sites to add tunes to your video. Make sure you never use anyone else’s music because you will be asked to take it down. Stick to stock music. Some of it is free and some require a small fee. Shop around and choose the right sound that adds to what you want to do.   

9. Know your audience 

Know who you are talking to. The best way to find out is to look at your online analytics and to keep an eye on what information gets the most attention. Obviously, in the beginning, there will be a lot of trial and error. Another approach is to ask your audience for suggestions and requested information. 

10. Be yourself

When it appears you love what you do while having fun sharing information then you will win over many viewers. Add positivity and humour to the mix to create video gold! Genuine storytelling that comes from the heart is worth more nowadays than any hard sell tactic. The idea is to relate to your viewers while entertaining them with great information. In a nutshell, don’t sell a brand, tell a good story!