Why a visually appealing website is important

We are told to never judge a book by it’s cover. However, this does not apply to web design. The first things we see are colours, shapes, layout, fonts, good visual balance, visual continuity and the white space. If it appeals to us, we will feel more compelled to stay and to return.
There are endless creative things we can add to a website from moving sliders, images, and information but it all comes down to how we package it together. Your website should flow and look like it fits comfortably as a unit. Every page should look like it belongs and all your information should carry the same tone. This helps build your online presence and brand.
In order to make things sleek and appealing online, it also helps to add crucial elements to help glue it all together. In other words, it needs to look good and function well to the viewer. Here are 4 tips to consider when updating your site: 

1. Add good information

The idea that a web page is finished does not exist in the business world. It’s really important to keep things fresh and updated. There are many things to add to your web page to keep visitors coming back. It’s a great idea to add changing visuals, banners, blog posts or news on a regular basis. Remember, your web page is more than a business slogan, brand or a location. Your page is also a place to showcase your services, ideas, news, upcoming events, and your endless knowledge. 

2. Make a good first impression

As humans, we naturally organize and process all the things we see online and make meaningful connections with it or we move on from it. It only takes a few seconds for someone to decide to stay on your website. The overall design of your website should be your main focus. Colour creates many different feelings so make sure you focus on colours that work well with your brand. Also, good photography will set a professional tone for your site. Avoid stock art and showcase original one-of-kind images to build trust with your viewers. And lastly, readable fonts are very important to ensure your information is not overlooked. 

3. Connect with your audience

Have a page dedicated to comments, questions or general inquiries. Showcase how you can be contacted either by email, by telephone, or by your social media sites. It helps them and it helps you gain information quickly while growing your subscriber list. 

4. Make it user-friendly

Choose eye friendly fonts, a friendly tone, a help feature, and a layout that focusses on ease of use. Provide enough information to help your audience find what they are looking for. Keep things simple and to the point. Avoid talking about how amazing you and your services are but instead, focus on how you can be of service to them. All site buttons should stand out with your menu prominent and simple to find. When you focus on what your audience needs, this creates a better website experience for them while helping you build your client base.