It’s Time to Take Your Website Seriously

man working on a laptop computer and writing notes on a pad of paper

Social media is important but having a website is even better. Websites are the biggest networking tool we have. We definitely spend too much time on social media and too little time promoting and updating our websites.

Putting a good website together means being a good planner and part designer along with a good dose of patience. It’s definitely time to see that a website is your biggest resource. This resource can be controlled a lot better than anything on social media. 

Why do we neglect our websites?

  • We underestimate our creativity 
  • We are not sure what we should add regularly
  • We think they are time-consuming 
  • We think they are complicated
  • We forget that it needs to be updated regularly 

When it comes to your website, it’s all about you. It’s all about what you can do for your clients. Your website can be your brand. It’s here where you can shine and promote yourself fully. What you add to your page won’t get lost in a feed nor will you have to put up with ads, and questionable information.

Here are four ways to help your website showcase the real you:

 1. Tell a good story

It’s very gratifying to have total control of what you want your audience to know. The best way to do that is to add a blog and newsletter. This story will be updated and rewritten as time goes on. It’s hard to convey that on Twitter and the occasional Facebook post. A website can rank you by your name and your company. It can also rank you by how often you post information on your site. 

2. Show your side of things

Your website is a great place to establish your authority and ongoing experience. All projects can be displayed on your site along with all the information that goes with them. Things such as skills, projects, and plans are too large to add to a social media bio. 

3. Be an endless idea person 

Share your fun side, your creative side, and your ingenuity. We can showcase ideas, and behind-the-scenes of our business and helpful tips you may want to share. The more you add the more you will be seen as a resource. Adding humour regularly will definitely help you shine. Social media can be a dark and frustrating place so the more positive you are, and the more genuine you are the better.  

4. Showcase your experience

It’s really challenging to showcase your latest skills in a social media post. You can showcase it easier on your website. Think of it as a better way to have a resume or a business card. Your website can advertise to the world your projects, your testimonials, and through mutual connections. 

Remember you are your best advertiser. Your website is your greatest tool to help you do that. The GDC Group can help you shine your brightest. Call us today!