Six Ways AI Could Threaten Your Business

A lot is being said about AI lately these days. It’s not a new thing, however, it is growing so fast now that it cannot be ignored. If you have a business and have an online presence you need to be diligent and aware of the changes that is going on. 

Social media has always had a fake side but this takes it to a new level. Odd looking images, video that seems off not to mention robotic text. We can never really know fully what we are looking at may have been altered by AI. 

Here are things we need to be aware of if we are online often: 

1. Cyberattacks

Malware, hacking, and cyberattacks are always an ongoing threat. AI is getting better at finding security weaknesses than ever before. Right now is the most important time to continually stay on top of things online. Make it a habit to change passwords frequently while checking all accounts regularly. Cover all your online assets. 

2. Finding real talent could be challenging

Headhunting for new talent is becoming a challenge. ChatGPT can aid applicants however, this information may not be real. In other words, you may not know who you are talking to or if even a person at all. You’ll have to be more creative in your description and requirements. Always ask for a resume and a cover letter. If something feels off, it probably is. Also, the old-school way of receiving resumes in person is not a bad idea to do as well.

3. Finding real information could take longer

Researching for information could be a challenge. Was it written by a person or AI? When in doubt, always look for at least three or more articles that convey the same information to make sure what you are reading is credible. Does it sound awkward to read? Is the tone off? Are there grammatical errors? Lastly, look at the source of this information. Is it a credible study, a university, or a site you’ve never heard of before? This will take more time on your part to make sure what you are reading is legitimate. 

4. There will be undercutters in the midst 

This applies to services like writing, image creation, architecture, to even therapy online. Yes, it could be cheaper or even free but it comes down to ethics and quality. Yes, you could use an AI-created logo but is it copy from another company? Is it designed well at all? Think long-term. Could going cheaper cost you later down the road?

5. Certain services could be threatened 

Business services like writing, accounting, content creation, and bookkeeping could have the potential of being overtaken by AI. This makes many people nervous especially image makers like artists, illustrators, and photographers. Many companies are opting to use AI to do writing instead of hiring writers and content creators. The good news is they cannot get writing and art quite right. With images, there is always something off like odd smiles, extra fingers, pixelated backgrounds and an overall fake look to them. As far as writing, it’s hard for AI to add soul and emotion to writing. It’s flat, technical, and oftentimes, nonsensical. Companies may be jumping on this bandwagon, but It could make them look bad in the long run due to the low quality of what AI produces.

6. Your information and images can be manipulated 

This is a big problem. Your images online can be taken and manipulated. This includes your pictures of products, social media posts that you use to network with online to pictures of you and your staff. Your writing can be manipulated too and used without your knowledge.  Its important to have an online presence but that also means being diligent about where you post your information too. 

What can businesses do to maintain their clients and customers? 

It’s easy to say you just need to stay awesome. It goes beyond that. You need to stay ahead of the trend. Make sure you are offering value and more compelling offers. AI might might make certain things easier but it’s too early to say how much real value there will be in that in the long run. Your customers still want customer service and they still want their concerns listened to. AI cannot replace value. Businesses may need to adopt new ways to recruit talent and new ways to promote themselves. Make improving your business your side hustle while creating down-to-earth service and value that AI will struggle to reproduce.