The Upsides of Working from Home

woman on phone in home office

The idea of working from home always seemed like a casual approach to work mainly utilized for freelancers and stay-at-home parents. It was not what many of us had planned to do but here we are mustering through another pandemic year. Working in your pj’s with no commute time in the space you live in does have a comforting appeal. But it’s so much more than that! Those who have embraced being at home don’t want to go back to the office ever again.

We now know that it’s possible to bring the office home. Covid has redefined what the work world is. Going to work now feels less pressing, less essential in the traditional sense. Yes, we need to make a living but that idea of living has also been redefined. We want our time back. We want value. We want to simplify our lives while focusing on comfort and self-care. This process has actually brought people back to what it means to be a family, a parent, a person in this world. People now want more than just the job defining who we are while commandeering all our time.

The idea of stuffing ourselves back into offices or cubicles with long commutes has lost its appeal. Now that many of us are vaccinated, things will slowly open back up. However, it may never fully go back to how it was. Our values have changed. The work world will have to keep changing, too. So what’s so great about working at home?

 1. Short commute

That two-minute walk to your home office is pretty sweet. Finally, there is no rush to get out the door. You can sit and drink your coffee before you log in. There are no traffic jams and waiting for the car to warm up. 

2. Casual meetings

How nice is it to have conference calls wherever it works? Having a conference call on your deck is so much nicer than being cooped up in a board room or a small cubicle.  

3. Cost-effective

Working at home saves money on gas and lunch. It’s amazing how much a month we spend on parking, coffee, and snacks. It’s less wear and tear on your clothes not to mention your washing machine. If you have small children, this is also cost-effective with daycare too since that can easily deplete a whole paycheque!  

4. Pet comforts

What’s better than sharing your workday with your cat or dog? Working with your pets is both healthier for you and also for them. 

5. Better breaks

The idea of having lunch at home is pretty appealing. Your mealtime will definitively be healthier than the usual rushed lunch or take-out while eating in your car.

6. Less negativity

Working with many folks has its challenges. Tired of the office drama and typical conflicts? We hear you! Negativity in the workplace can be draining and mentally exhausting. Working at home allows you to spend time around the people you want to. 

It’s nice to know that we have more work flexibility now than we have ever had. Working at home is not easy. We know it is hard to set up schedules and boundaries not to mention finding an undistracted quiet zone. Covid-19 has changed people, work norms as well as societal norms. We are questioning our obligations more now than ever before. You can be just as productive as before-your just doing it in a more familiar and comfortable place. No wonder it’s becoming so appealing for so many!