The Importance of Testimonials

We live in a very busy online world. Now that Covid-19 has been going on for over a year, spending time online has increased exponentially. Right now, being online is convenient and safe so we can reduce our risk of Covid-19. When folks go to purchase items online, they search for testimonials, opinions and reviews. These reviews can make or break a product or service like never before. Before a consumer drops huge coin on certain purchases, they want to know what others are saying about it. This goes for cars, coffee, computers, make-up or taking on a new massage therapist. Your audience is more web-savvy, but they are also more skeptical and selective. These customers are wary of anonymous opinions or feedback on large sites that are known for negative comments with little moderation. So, how can we get real, honest opinions about our products, services, and businesses that customers will trust? 

Ask for feedback

Talk to your audience online. Are you launching a new product? Ask for feedback. Are you curious about offering a new service? Ask them to see if there is any interest. Follow the comments sections on your posts to see what is being talked about and join in the chat. It’s a simple and easy way to stay informed. 

Follow what is being said

Word of mouth is still very important. Word of mouth is often shared by like-minded people, family, and friends. Even if the feedback was negative, at least it’s honest!

Include your audience in your social media

We want our companies to be talked about online. Luckily, there are a lot of people who like to talk online. These influencers are everywhere and they like sharing their experiences as well as showcasing products they love. Some are good and some are bad. Regardless of how they come across online, they have an audience somewhere. If you come across one that you like, and they like what you do or sell, promote them. It’s a promotion for you and promotion for them as well.  

Send out newsletters, videos, and blog posts

The more information we put out there on a human level, the better it is for your company. If they get to know you and like you, they’ll talk about you. This is a very powerful commodity that should not be overlooked.