Website landing pages vs homepages

What is the best way to welcome visitors to your website? A home page with lots of info that serves as a gateway to a larger website? Or a targeted landing page that funnels traffic exactly where you need it? Home pages and landing pages have different purposes and focus on different audiences. Read on for more info on the key differences: 

What is a home page?

Homepages wear a lot of hats. Your homepage showcases a lot of information such as a navigation bar, links, a business slogan and your business name. Your homepage is the permanent page on your website that you can go back to. Consider it home base. A home page occupies your root domain such as and it is the link to all your websites pages.  This is also the place you tell visitors what you do and where they can find you via social media. Your homepage likely does not have a strong and prevalent call to action section because it’s used as a resource since it is the home quarters for your website.

What is a landing page? 

Landing pages are exactly that- it’s a page someone lands on after clicking on one of your ads. Landing pages only have one goal: to convert traffic. A landing page focusses on a specific message, content and is tightly focused around a call to action. Its purpose is to generate leads while prompting further contact and sign-ups with potential customers. Keeping your viewers on your landing page until they convert is your main goal. Landing pages, promote these actions such as,  “Get Your Free Quote”, “Contact Us Today” or “Set Up An Account Today” Usually there is a section to fill out your information, set up and account and section to sign up for a newsletter. Once you have generated interest or have generated a lead, don’t forget to thank them for their time via an email. By thanking them, this confirms a conversion in your analytics and that is important information to know. 

Whether you are generating leads or helping your customers find what they looking for, it’s good to know the difference of these specific type of online pages. At The GDC Group, we can help set up your webpage and ads to help you reach the right audience. Give us a call today!