What is Location-based Marketing?

Location-based marketing is the process of targeting potential customers in your local area. By focussing on your neighborhood means a more targeted approach with your audience while doing it in a manner that feels more personal.

When it comes to marketing, we think of social media and local word of mouth. However, Google uses algorithms the focus on your location which works in your favor when it comes to your brand. There’s a lot you can do to help your business use local marketing. Here are eight things to consider:

1. Think in a friendly way
Small businesses often denote quality, trustworthiness and personal customer service. This is an advantage to you over larger chains. To become a trusted brand, think about friendliness, being relatable and adding a personal touch to what you do. When you think local, you are catering your focus to locals in your neighborhood which adds to your business brand. If you know what makes your neighborhood tick, then your audience will connect with you better. This local pride in your town will build loyalty and trust.

2. Use the right words 
This is where SEO can help you. It helps to use location-specific posts and pages to get the word out on social media. The more specific you are on your website, your blog and with your social media posts the better. Use words that locals would use. Again, it’s about really knowing what your community is all about.

3. Define what you do
Descriptive words are the best friends of your business and your marketing efforts. For example, a coffee shop’s search results could include ‘ethical coffee,’ ‘catering,’ ‘quality handmade coffee,’ ‘always fresh coffee,’ or ‘the best coffee’ in your town. Always remind your visitors about your brand’s dedication to quality and service.

4. Get involved with locals on social media 
Social media is easy to do however you need to go beyond just posting. You need to engage with your audience. This is not about the hard sell- it’s all about connecting. Remember the biggest thing you can offer your interactions is customer service while really listening to their needs. To get your posts out there, always use local hashtags while using specific local words.

5. Get testimonials
Testimonials are gold when it comes to your business. We always go on word of mouth and the opinions of others before we spend. Testimonials build trust. It is said that over 80% of potential customers check reviews before making a purchase or using a service.

6. Create ads that are local 
If you are going to advertise think local. Advertise around local events. Advertise specific needs that your local customers have or solve a problem by offering tips. This is where you can get personal so make sure you creatively shine with all your ads.

7. Put on a social event 
Do you like public speaking or mingling with like-minded folks? Then put on an event or a networking event. Nothing brings people together like casual chats in a comfortable local setting.

8. Focus on local publications
Place ads in local newspapers or magazines and don’t forget publications that are online too. Again, the more that your local audience sees you, the more it builds familiarity and trust and tells your audience that you are involved.