What to put in a newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to your keep subscribers informed about your business and your brand. Numerous studies find that email is still an effective and profitable way of communicating with customers while bringing in new business.

The big things we want our newsletters to achieve are: have it opened, make a connection and encourage sharing while providing useful well-written content.

It’s important to have a regular schedule to send out newsletters but it’s not always easy to come up with content ideas for them. Your newsletters are very much like a newspaper or a magazine that has been customized by you. Consistency is key so your subscribers will become used to the schedule and come to expect it. Your loyal followers might even proactively look for the email when they know it typically arrives.

It’s important that your newsletter needs to be opened, so it also needs to grab the attention of your audience. You can achieve this by writing an enticing subject line in your email that pulls readers in and gets them to open it as well. Here are some tips to create a newsletter that your subscribers will look forward to seeing in their inboxes:

Be informative

Everyone loves resources like tips, DIY ideas, and how-to articles. When you create content that’s relevant to your audience, this helps them accomplish something by providing step-by-step instructions. Lists are very popular because they’re easy to read and offer valuable quick information that your audience can use.

Sharing Fun facts

You can get creative by sharing topics of interest that might be of interest to your customers. Fun facts that are related to your industry offer an easy way to entice your readers. For example, a coffee shop might include facts about coffee being the second most traded commodity on earth.

Sharing industry news and trends

There’s a lot of information out there and your audience might have missed it. Your customers will appreciate your take on what’s current, by showing them you’re in touch with current events. This makes you an invaluable resource. You can post articles about things going on in your industry, the latest trends, new technology or anything of particular interest that your audience can relate to.

Upcoming events

Stay involved with your community. This helps build relationships with your customers and prospects and can provide some valuable content for your newsletter. Add news about upcoming events such as trade shows, seminars, public speaking tours or classes. Make sure to include all the important details in your newsletter.

Customer Reviews

Testimonials are a nice shout out to share with your audience. This not only builds confidence, it also informs the public what customers think about what you do and why it worked for them. This works very similar to word of mouth advertising. Don’t forget to include customer reviews on a specific product and share them in your newsletter. Start out by explaining the product, share a picture of it and show subscribers what others are saying about it.

Great articles

Great articles written by you or a staff member can be the meat of your newsletter. Don’t be afraid to re-post blog articles and those favorite social media posts. It’s a great way to repackage content that already exists.


Make sure your newsletters are visually appealing with good imagery such as infographics, illustrations, and photographs. Leave lots of white space and try not to overcrowd your newsletters with too many headers, banners, and pictures. Make sure it’s easy to read and always check your grammar and spelling.

Add coupons and sales

We all love sales. Your newsletter is a great place to advertise sales and include a handy coupon they can use. If you do this regularly, your audience will look for it and also share it with their friends.

Add all your social media links

Make sure you add links to all your social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Help them find you online. Invite your followers to post picures of your products along with hashtags that lead back to your company.

There are many things to include in your newsletter. If you need more tips, contact us today. And don’t forget to sign up for our regular newsletter too.