Keep them Coming Back with an Electronic Newsletter

You work hard to attract new customers to your business website. You have spent time or money on Search Engine Optimization and social media to make sure people can find your website. You make sure your website is well designed, easy to load and has great content to keep viewers interested and on your website once they get there.

But what happens once they leave?

Unfortunately. only a small number of people will return to your website after the initial visit or purchase unless they are reminded to do so. So – adding a newsletter to your marketing mix and sending reminders to your potential customers on a regular basis is a perfect way to keep your business top of mind when it comes time for them to purchase products or services like yours.

Make sure that your website has a newsletter sign up box.

Ideally, put the sign up in the sidebar or footer of your website so it appears on all pages. If you have an commerce site, add it to your Thank you page once an order is processed, and ask your customer to sign up for your newsletter. If people are interested in what you offer, even if they have not purchased yet, they will sign up for your newsletter and this gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with them and get them to return to your website in the future.

Share Useful Information in Your Newsletter

A newsletter should always include useful related information that your readers can use. By doing this, you show your knowledge about your products and services and build trust with your readers. Examples of what you could share:

Share tips and tricks. 

  • If you are a dentist, share information on how to floss or brush correctly, tips about how to avoid cavities, or foods that promote good oral health.
  • If you run a restaurant. you could share tips on wine paring, the history of spaghetti, or even some great cooking tips.

Ask questions and answer reader’s questions.

  • Plumbers could answer common plumbing questions.
  • Caterers could answer questions about their menus and ingredients, etc.

Run contests or specials for your readers. 

  • Reward your newsletter readers with exclusive coupons for products or services.
  • Or run contests asking customers to send in photos of them using your products.

You could also share web content from other websites.

  • Do a “round up” article sharing the best tips found online that week.
  • Share reviews people have done on products you sell. Even better if they are reviewing and mentioning your website in the article.

By sharing great content that is useful and beneficial to your readers they will look forward to getting your newsletter. This builds a relationship with them that your company can benefit from in the long run when they either refer your business to their friends, or return to your website to make a purchase.