What should you write about on your blog

When you consider adding a blog to your business, it’s important to think about what your audience will be interested in reading about. Persistence is key with blogging so it’s good to have a plan. It’s also important to tap into what you’re passionate about but don’t be afraid to add topics that are different and out-of-the-box.

Quick tips to think over before you start a blog:

  • Always create good content
  • Be yourself and write from a friendly down-to-earth- style.
  • Forget that there over 2 billion people on the internet. Focus on your audience and your community.
  • Don’t imitate any other blogger. Make your blog uniquely yours.
  • Be friendly and positive.
  • Post on a regular schedule
  • Always check spelling and grammar
  • Always market your blog posts in your social media

The ideas are just endless when starting a blog and that’s usually where the trouble begins. To avoid the overwhelming task of picking a topic, make a list then create a schedule. Try focussing on the following tips to get the ideas flowing:

1. Help your audience solve a problem

So many people go to the internet to figure something out or to better understand things. This gives you a lot of opportunities to talk about things related to what you do that will be of benefit to your readers. If your company focusses on natural health, you could focus on supplements, eating better and food trends. If you are web design company, you can focus on marketing, branding, website layouts and the importance of being online. Once you start writing, the ideas will start coming. Make sure to write it all down in a topic list.

2. Help your audience reach a goal by sharing yours-

Yes, there are many blogs focussing on goals. Add a twist by sharing yours. What better way to bring your audience in than sharing a common reachable goal? It could be a simple as adding more sleep to your week or stretching while you work. The idea is to motivate your audience (that includes you) while helping everyone feel more accountable.

3. Spotlight a new service

Adding something new to the roster? Write about it and write about it often. These posts can introduce the subject abut also spotlight how the service is taking off while showcasing all the customers’ reviews that follow.

4. Focus on new products

If you are a store or an online store then start a regular blog focussing on new products. These posts can focus on what the product does or what it offers. Customers want to see what you are talking about so don’t forget to add great product photos.

5. Entertain

Since the internet and the news can be a real downer sometimes, posting humour is always uplifting and greatly needed. Adding funny stuff to your blog from time to time can break things up while showing your audience you have a sense of humour. This could include your own memes, jokes and just silly things that are worth sharing.

6. Tip sheets

Everyone love tip sheets. These are generally a blast of advice that is bulleted or in a numbered format. It’s quite easy to say that tip sheets are the hardest working blogs because they generate a great deal of publicity. To get the ball rolling, add a direct title such as “10 ways to entertain your kids during March Break” or “What to focus on instead of New Year’s Resolutions.”

7. Behind the scenes

What better way to bring your audience in than showing the behind-the-scenes of your business. Many artists, photographers, and creators of all kinds do this and it’s an invaluable tool to market themselves. Take a page from them and come up with your own way of showing the human side of what you do.

8. Holidays and special occasions

You can get very creative around holidays and spacial occasions. These types of blogs can focus on tips, DIY while showcasing certain products that relate to those big times of the year.

9. DIY

There is a reason why Pinterest and Instructables are so popular. Folks want to learn how to fix and make stuff so this is a great topic to add. Again, you can show the process through video and images as well as written posts.

10. Write about how your services helped someone

This type of blog post goes beyond a simple testimonial. If you provided a service or product to someone that helped them greatly then share it. Umbra does this on a regular basis by showcasing how their household products are bing used is different ways by their community. It’s inspiring.

11. Jump on social media trends

Why not add a post for “Motivation Monday” and “Throwback Thursdays.” It’s fun and can generate readership because it’s a trend that many participate in weekly. You can write something interesting and share a photo or two. Starbucks is the master of this and it’s paying off!