Why is reputation management important for your business?

Protecting your online reputation is an ongoing process. No one can fully control what is being shared about you and your business online. Thankfully there are strategies to help keep things positive. 

What is reputation management?

It is an ongoing process of monitoring what is being said about your business online. These include:

  • Keeping an eye on places people are talking about your business. 
  • Make sure information about your business is updated regularly and accurately. 
  • Responding to emails, comments, reviews, and posts. 
  • Finding new ways to keep your information timely, positive, and accurate on all platforms online. 

Why is this important? 

  1. People look at reviews 
  2. People pay attention to companies with good online reputation 
  3. They will look at review sites 
  4. People look at social media pages in the recommendations and reviews section
  5. Online forums and message boards
  6. They will ask around
  7. And lastly, they will look at your website

How to work on your reputation management

  1. Monitor ALL your apps and platforms-
  2. Create a Google page for your business
  3. Create a Google alert for your business
  4. Respond to comments right away that are good or bad
  5. Ask for reviews 
  6. Reward regular customers 
  7. Have a newsletter or blog
  8. Make sure all your information is accurate
  9. Create a social media strategy and post regularly 
  10. Make customer service your top priority 
  11. Promote the humorous side of things