Why you should focus on local SEO marketing

LocalSEO-smallSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important tool to help promote your business worldwide and locally. Many businesses often to forget to focus locally because we often think too big. Thinking big is never a bad thing, however, some businesses think so big that they forget to promote themselves where they are located.

Try adding highly targeted and niche focused promotion as part of your business’ marketing plan. Here’s why this is a good thing:

Mobile devices are making it easier

Today’s search engines mix in local results in our searches – especially when we use keywords such as web design, dentist, coffee shops and food on our mobile devices. By focusing on local SEO with particular words that define your business, you can help your company rank locally which will drive traffic to your sites – and business through your door!

Supporting Local business is still popular

Many folks still like to shop local and support local business and services. This is a market that you want to tap into. Seeing the product in person, or dealing with someone locally, is often preferred by the customers as it gives them assurance of the product or service. Another reason why local marketing campaigns convert better is that because they are more relevant and targeted.

Local SEO is more affordable 

By targeting your local area, your local SEO marketing campaigns can be a lot more affordable. Quite simply, it’s because there is less competition locally so you will have to spend a lot less on your local marketing campaign in comparison to national marketing campaigns. In this case, thinking smaller is good for your budget! 

More local opportunities

If you promote your business locally, you will create a stronger local presence in your community.  This will help you find local vendors and strategic partners that can benefit you and your business. 

There’s lots of room to expand

If you look at a lot successful chain stores and large businesses, some started small and started locally. They gained a rapport with their local area, built up a reputation and then expanded. From this, the actionable data and knowledge they learned about what worked and what didn’t help them expand. It takes time but your business can do the same if you do your local online marketing right.

If you need help strategizing your local marketing, we can help. Contact us today!