Why you should use a professional email address

professionalemail-smHere is another simple thing to scratch off your business to-do list: set up a professional email address. 

It’s all about building your brand and helping you stand out from the rest. Many small businesses said that they feel branded email helps them look more credible. If you want your business email to be read and responded to, try these tips:

1. Make a great first impression

Make sure your professional email reflects your business message. Your email address should say you are professional right from the get go. When you use your name or brand you are telling your audience your business is here to stay and that you are serious about your customers. 

2. Create the best image

Your email should promote your corporate image. To really help your customers feel in tune with your company, set up multitude emails to do specific tasks such as one for billing, one for information and one for orders. If you want to go a step further, add your logo and an email signature for the bottom of your emails with your contact information. It’s a nice touch and it creates a professional looking email. Not only does this look good but, by consistently adding this to your emails,  you make it easy for your customers to find your contact information. 

3. Personalize your brand

We cannot stress this enough – use your name, slogan or your business name. If you have a webpage, make sure you match that with an email with the same title. At The GDC Group, we use our name in our email addresses – info@thegdcgroup.com. It seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many companies avoid focussing on this. Every time you send out an email, it advertises your company and not Gmail or Yahoo. 

4. It’s simple to do

Setting up an email to coincide with your website is easy. Your website hosting company or web designer can set one up for you as part of your web package. This is an another great way to promote and grow your business. 

5. Build big trust

Many customers are not comfortable emailing someone who has a questionable email. Scam email artists are everywhere and sadly we cannot escape them. If you have an email account, you will get spam. Don’t let your emails fall into spam filters by adding xxx’s, numbers, odd email handles that will prevent you from being taken seriously. Additionally, using Yahoo, Gmail or using the one provided by Facebook will not help your credibility either. These seem convenient in the beginning but they will work against you later on. You have worked too hard to not have your business be short changed by a bad email address.