Branding in today’s distracted world

Marketing today is a big job in a very busy connected world. We are plugged in 24/7 but we can only absorb so much information. In reality, our attention spans are quite small. If you mix that with too many distractions, you have a big marketing challenge in front of you. Attention economics is a … Read more

What to put in a newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to your keep subscribers informed about your business and your brand. Numerous studies find that email is still an effective and profitable way of communicating with customers while bringing in new business. The big things we want our newsletters to achieve are: have it opened, make a connection and encourage … Read more

What is interactive marketing?

Interactive Marketing

Traditionally online marketing has been a one-way conversation that advertises a product or service. Because of its one-way nature, this type of adverting does not work well in today’s new marketplace. Now your customers want a say about the services and products they support and buy. Folks online do not want to be sold or … Read more