How to promote what you do

two men talking at a business networking event

Think back to the last time you met someone new. What was the first question they asked you? That’s right: “what do you do for a living?” Every time we hear this question, it’s amazing how much it can still catch us off guard. It’s more often than not an awkward moment. Why is it … Read more

Marketing with Memes

Adding memes to your online marketing strategy is a great way to shake things up. They are everywhere online. Memes are easily digestible and offer a funny, sometimes biting, and entertaining take on the human experience. It’s a very easy marketing trend that many use.  But seriously, who doesn’t like a good meme? Social media … Read more

The Upsides of Working from Home

woman on phone in home office

The idea of working from home always seemed like a casual approach to work mainly utilized for freelancers and stay-at-home parents. It was not what many of us had planned to do but here we are mustering through another pandemic year. Working in your pj’s with no commute time in the space you live in does have … Read more

Eight Ideas for an Unpredictable 2021

beautiful fireworks

Right now is a good time to wrap up the year 2020 and throw it swiftly to the curb. We are done! We all want a speedy end to “the year that wasn’t” while moving into a much happier new year.  Let’s summarize the year 2020: a worldwide virus that affected everyone on some level, … Read more