The Upsides of Working from Home

woman on phone in home office

The idea of working from home always seemed like a casual approach to work mainly utilized for freelancers and stay-at-home parents. It was not what many of us had planned to do but here we are mustering through another pandemic year. Working in your pj’s with no commute time in the space you live in does have … Read more

Eight Ideas for an Unpredictable 2021

beautiful fireworks

Right now is a good time to wrap up the year 2020 and throw it swiftly to the curb. We are done! We all want a speedy end to “the year that wasn’t” while moving into a much happier new year.  Let’s summarize the year 2020: a worldwide virus that affected everyone on some level, … Read more

Reasons to update your website

I’m going to start off by channeling Marie Kondo here: Does your website bring you joy?  Does the spring cleaning bug have you in its grasp?   Having your website redesigned can feel like a huge challenge, but remember you are not starting from scratch. In the grand scheme of all things design related, you … Read more